You Are of Primary Importance to Us!

Then nothing and no one comes for quite a while. Indulge yourself in a pampering and beautifying time depending on your preferences. Our "Wellness & Meer" is a good tip as opposite pole for your daily schedule or as a daily visitor. Our varied programme includes the following offers; you are also welcome to ask for guidance and support at choice and booking. Just call us! +49 4931 98877

Massages Loosen the Marks of Everyday Life

A lot of exhausting (desk) work, stress topics at work and less time for necessary balance causes tensions and minor to major ailments. Certainly, we are not able to replace a medical treatment, but we are able to take care of relaxation and a necessary feel-good factor. Let us see to that and it will be great!

Beauty-Treatments Make You Beautiful

Here, too, you get back a bit of what everyday life has taken from you: Plenty of time, which we attend to your beauty. We have the calmness to absorb and bring into effect a mask or a serum and have a good eye for perfect brows, impurities or smooth skin. Those things that go short in everyday life, we will make good for it. Matched to your skin, you will enjoy a facial treatment that leaves a wonderful feeling of "Wow, I am beautiful". Afterwards, you can get a new hair styling in our in-house hair salon or enjoy a champagne bath à deux. There is a large choice, but we would love to help you deciding on your personal wellness plan. Are you interested for example in an Ayurveda-Massage, a Hot-Stone- or Hot-Chocolate-Treatment or alternatively, a Thalasso-Treatment? At least, we are at the sea…

Rassoul and Hammam in East Frisia

The Rassoul is a variation of the steam bath with a cleansing ritual, at which you slather one another with different terrestrial slurries. Initially, these slurries dry and become creamy again in the herbal steam. With further slathering, a peeling effect will be reached, which makes a smooth and dainty skin. Afterwards, enjoy a soapy brush massage and a soothing moist heat, while leaving everything else behind in our hotel at the North Sea.

  • Frau bekommt eine Gesichtsbehandlung

Wonderful Beauty Proposals

No matter if sea salt peeling, seaweed treatment for humidification or cosmetic proposals for face, décolletage, body, feet and hands, nothing guarantees more relaxation for him and her!

Wide-Ranging Wellness Programme

Here, you not only get classical but also health and experience massages as Ayurveda or reiki. Moreover, you are able to relax at a lomi-lomi-nui, hot stone and wambo mambo full body massage.

  • Frau bekommt Rückenmassage

  • Frau entspannt bei einer Wellnessanwendung

Spa Proposals That Fill with Enthusiasm

Experience dreamlike and relaxing hours in the oriental rassoul bath or in the hammam, this is the perfect enjoyment for you alone or in a group.

Gorgeous Dream Bath for Her and Him

No matter if foam baths with candle light and sparkling wine, roses, Cleopatra or the Thalasso bath, you alone or as couple have never been more relaxed.

  • Frau im Schaumbad

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