The North Sea coast offers at all seasons fabulous occasions for visiting: In spring, the nature comes out of hibernation enchanting with gentle sounds. In summer, beach and dyke attract to enjoy the sun ending with a gorgeous sunset. Autumn storms are fascinating due to the power of wind and water. Finally, in winter by the time mudflats are frozen, genuine connoisseurs of North Germany are reaching the coast addicted by the Nordic lights and the meditative power of wintry silence. This is the time for walks in thick coats and stops for a cup of hot tea and a piece of delicious cake according to old Frisian family recipes.

The sea, mudflats, extensive beaches, non-ending dyke lines, the healthy maritime climate, geest and marsh landscapes offer nature lovers ideal conditions for a restful wellness and activity holiday at the fresh sea air. Trips along the East Frisian Coast or to the East Frisian islands are visualising the closeness of East Frisians with wind and water.

Straightaway from the Hotel to the Beach Building Sand Castles on Norderney and Juist

Islands are always matchless: They convey a feeling that everything is limited to the island and stays there forever. Even though there are ferries, it is a different feeling of seclusion and finality, which is knowingly wanted by many people. To take a single example; many a piece of literature came into being on an island.

The sand island Juist is known as Töwerland, meaning wonderland. It is the longest East Frisian Island with its width of 500 metres and its length of 17 kilometres. Therefore, one can discover the entire island by a wonderful carriage ride and is able to switch simply from North to South.

Norderney, as well, invites to a day trip. Contradistinctive to the placid Juist, Norderney is definitely considered to be vibrant, indeed sophisticated. In 1799 the first North Sea resort of Germany was founded and the Fährhaus did its little bit to this trend. The city centre gives an atmosphere of sea resorts with good shopping facilities. Never-ending beaches invite to take a bath, surf or kitesurf and suchlike; especially, the beach in the East is rated as scenic, relaxed and popular. By whatever means you want to experience Norderney, a daytrip is always worth it!

East Frisia and the islands are a paradise for cyclists. Therefore, the typical East Frisia is best experienced on the various cycle lanes. Cycle-friendly without rises, but not always with tailwinds; since, often applies that our mountains are the wind, is for instance, the coastal route or the marsh-adventure-tour. For those who would love to discover East Frisia historically are being able to ride the headmen - pirates - Free Frisians tour or wend their way on the trail of Störtebeker. Afterwards, you are able to relax at the Hotel Fährhaus, the wellness hotel in East Frisia.

  • grüner Deich, Schafe und ein gelb-rot gestreifter Leuchtturm

Lighthouse of Pilsum

Who, for instance, starts out for the Krummhörn by bike, comes first around the Leybucht and the beautiful fisher village Greetsiel. Later on, in the west they come across the lighthouse of Pilsum, which is better known as Otto-Tower.

Norderney – the Thalasso Island

Here, it’s all go! Since, Norderney is in vigorous motion. New bars and old landmarks, excellent shops and perfectly cast live concerts, sport events and sunsets in the dunes. There are many reasons for a visit.

  • Norderneyer Strandkörbe

  • Blick auf den Juister Hafen mit seinem Seezeichen

Juist – Wonderland in the North Sea

This car-free holiday paradise offers never-ending sand beaches, Thalasso, Wellness, quite a lot of tranquillity and more. Since Juist is depending on high tides, day trips are possible only twice a month with the ferry. Such opportunities should not be neglected.

East Frisia – the Country of Superlatives

Here, the most sloping tower of the world, the highest lighthouse, the largest raised moss lake in Germany and the narrowest road bridge in Europe are located. In short, you are able to experience adventures in this strip of land.

  • Die schmalste Autobrücke Europas

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