Gode tied ‘a good time’ in Norddeich

Norddeich is especially known as ferry dock for all travellers to the islands Norderney & Juist. However, Norddeich is also known as unhurried holiday resort for all holidaymakers. Families will have recreational fun; as well as, couples looking for relaxation of their everyday working life will find time as pair.

Written hyphenated but they are still two different places: Norden and Norddeich. While, brick buildings are characterising for both places, Norden is said to be the oldest town in East Frisia and Norddeich is one of youngest. In 1255 Norden was initially mentioned and Norddeich not until 1803.

Walks through both villages are showing the differences in character: One is Frisian-medieval and the other fresh and modern. Both of them are unhurried and natural. Do not forget to plan a visit at the fascinating museums and mills; as well as, the enchanting castles and parks of the surrounding area to complete your holiday. For instance, the tea museum – as expected – is worth visiting. Here, you will discover the linking between being Frisian and drinking a deliciously brewed tea and enjoying it.

Of course, we, in the Hotel Fährhaus, are your counterpart to all questions about touristic attractions in the surrounding country and everything else you would like to know. We gladly assist you organising your trips, lend bikes or sticks for Nordic Walking and much more.

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  • Seehunde warten sehnsüchtig auf ihr Essen

Seal Station & National Park House

Whenever an orphaned baby seal will be discovered, the helpers of the seal station are on the scene. Here, the baby seal will be fed up, cared for and prepared for the return to the wild in summer.

Norden – Weekly Market & Shopping City

Norden is one of the oldest cities of East Frisia with Germanys largest tree planted market place, the majestic Ludgeri church with its impressive Arp-Schnitger organ and pretty shops. In short, here you are able to undertake and experience many actions.

  • Nörder Marktplatz mit seiner Ludgeri-Kirche

  • Das Ocean-Wave mit seiner Leuchtturm-Wasserrutsche

Ocean Wave

The adventure pool in Norddeich with a wave pool and an awesome large-sized sauna scape invites to a wonderful wellness day if the weather is bad.

Tea Museum of Norden

The East Frisian tea culture is an intangible cultural heritage. Those who would like to inform themselves about this culture and the East Frisian history in general, are in good hands in the tea and local museum of Norden.

  • Zubereitung eines klassischen Ostfriesentees mit Sahne und Kluntje

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